• Stages 1 and 2 must be completed on Saturday, 9/30/17, and uploaded to Strava by 7pm PST that day.
  • Stages 3, 4, and 5 must be completed on Sunday, 10/1/17, and uploaded to Strava by 7pm PST that day.
  • It’s up to you to know (or estimate) where Strava segments begin and end: what shows up in your Strava file is what counts.
  • You do not need to separate the stages into multiple Strava files, but if you do end up with multiple files for the day, that’s okay too. You also don’t need to press “lap” before or after stage segments. We’ll check your Strava upload(s) for the segments being counted. What’s recorded there is what’s used for scoring.
  • If you’ve connected your Strava account with the Awesome Omnium website, we’ll be able to pull and score your rides (aka, you don’t need to email files to us). There will be a notification on the website that your ride(s) has been received. If you do experience technical difficulties with our website or Strava integration, email us at


  • 1st place in each stage earns 25 points, 2nd place earns 24 points, 3rd place earns 23 points, and so on.
  • Participating in a stage will earn you at least 1 point for that stage.
  • If there is a tie on a particular stage, the people who tie will earn the same point value for their placing on that stage.
  • If there is a tie for final overall score for the Omnium, the person who rode the greater number of miles over the weekend of the Awesome Omnium will receive the higher placing.

Day 1: Stages 1 and 2

Stage 1, “HC + TT”

This stage awards points based on the fastest combined time for 2 segments: Old La Honda (Bridge to Mailboxes) and HWY 84 Stage to La Honda. Any riding, stopping, or resting that you do before, in between, or after these 2 segments does not impact your placing; what matters is simply the sum of your times on these 2 segments.

Stage 2, “Know Thyself”

This stage awards points for precision on the same 2 segments you're riding for speed in Stage 1 (Old La Honda (Bridge to Mailboxes) and HWY 84 Stage to La Honda). To be eligible to earn points on Stage 2, you need to submit an estimate of your combined time on these 2 segments to the website by 7pm PST on Friday, 9/29/17. The person who rides the segments at the combined time closest to their estimate wins this stage. This is not like The Price Is Right: you can go over or under your time estimate. What matters is segment precision, which will be calculated as a percentage. The closer you are to your estimate, the higher you'll place on this stage.

Submitting an Estimate: Submit your estimate on the homepage. You need to be connected to Strava to submit. (If you don't see a estimate submission box, make sure you click to Connect with Strava.) Please convert your estimate into seconds when submitting. You can view other riders' estimates on the Registration and Results page.

Note: the idea is not to ride these segments each twice--you'll ride them once but be scored separately for speed (Stage 1) and precision (Stage 2). If you do ride one of the segments twice, your faster time will be used.

Time Bonus:

Day 1 includes a bonus opportunity towards your time on Stage 1 time. This is earned by riding “bonus miles.” Starting at 35 miles, every additional 10 miles you ride today will take 10 seconds off of your time on Stage 1. So, if you end up with 67 miles for the day, you'll get a 30 second time bonus on Stage 1. (This doesn't impact your time estimate on Stage 2, so don't make your estimate based off of bonus miles. The time bonus will be added to your Stage 1 time after Stage 2 has been calculated). We're not setting a limit on the number of miles you can cash in for time bonuses--that's up to your legs!

Day 2: Stages 3, 4, and 5

Stage 3, “Best of 5”

For this stage, we’ve selected 5 segments of varying types and lengths. You can complete 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 of the segments. You’ll earn points according to whichever segment you place the highest on (relative to the other Awesome Omnium participants, not the overall Strava leaderboard). For example, if you place 1st on a segment, and 3rd, 7th, 8th, and 12th on the other 4 segments, you’ll earn points for your 1st place. There will be other riders who earn points for 1st places on the other 4 segments. So how many segments should you attempt? Well, you’ll only earn points for whichever segment you place highest on...however, you can also take placings away from other riders by doing well on multiple segments. For example, if you placed 1st on all 5 segments, no other rider would be able to place 1st for this stage. The 5 segments for this stage are: 1) Whiskey Hill Road, Sand Hill to Woodside, 2) Mountain Home Rd, 3) Runnymead Straightaway Up, 4) Raymundo 3/4, 5) Beat the Clock TT - Southbound Half.

Stage 4, “Precision”

Stage 4 awards points to those who can ride the Whiskey - Manzanita loop segment in as close to 12 minutes and 30 seconds as possible. That’s all there is to it!

Stage 5, “Secret Repeat”

In order to earn points for this stage, you must repeat the segment, Jefferson Climb from Cañada, 3 times. The catch: only 1 out of these 3 attempts will be counted and scored...and you won’t know which one in advance.

Bonus Points:

In Stage 3, you complete 1 or more of the identified segments. If you feel like doing some repeats, you can earn 3 bonus points by being the rider who does the most number of repeats on any of those segments. If you feel like doing even more repeats, you could attempt to be the rider who does the most number of repeats on 2 of the segments, or even all 5. That means you are eligible to earn up to 15 bonus points (3 bonus points per segment, across 5 segments total). It doesn’t matter what pace you do the repeats at; what matters is quantity. Of course you won’t know how many repeats anyone else is out there doing. You need to have done the most repeats to earn the 3 bonus points. Again, the 5 segments are: 1) Whiskey Hill Road, Sand Hill to Woodside, 2) Mountain Home Rd, 3) Runnymead Straightaway Up, 4) Raymundo 3/4, 5) Beat the Clock TT - Southbound Half. Fine print: If no one rides a particular segment more than once, no bonus points will be awarded for that segment. In the event of a tie for most number of repeats on a segment, the 3 bonus points for that segment will be split amongst the riders who tied.